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A Unique School in Hyderabad with Scientific Attitude
Science Park
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About The School

“Science Park-The School of Science” - Everything in the universe happens for a reason, and science is man's way of explaining why these things happen.  Science doesn't mean only Physical Science, Natural Science etc. Science is a way of thinking much more than the body of knowledge. The logically explained subjects such as Languages, mathematics, music, art, painting, Social Sciences etc., come under Science - hence "Science Park - The School of Science"

Science Park - "The School of Science” is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success oriented education programme. The programme empowers students to gain an indigenous as well as global perspective on various aspects. The school was established in the year 2008. It enables students to think out of box. It is perfect place where students can have the best days of their life.

Developing the STUDENTS physically & mentally strong enough to face the challenges in the society to reach their target of CAREER

Our Philosophy
This is accomplished through child-led inquiry, by developing conversation and conflict resolution skills and by nurturing the love of learning that comes from shared discovery without the guiding influence of human insight, academic excellence is meaningless. Basic structure provides the children with both security and freedom. Learning takes place through a consistent classroom structure and regular daily programmes which allow student to focus on the task at hand without wondering what comes next. Students also have many choices in the use of time, materials and resources. Flexibility is possible because "Science Park - The School of Science” is built on a secure structure. Self discipline is the ability to set appropriate goals and limits for oneself while spontaneity is the ability to live in the present moment.

Science Park students are encouraged to take an ever increasing role in making decisions that affect their own lives and therefore develop an unusual level of self disicipline. As they grow in competence and confidence, their ability to respond to the demands and opportunities of everyday life, to be spontaneous also increases. While the students are expected to take their school work seriously, they also encouraged to retain a love of learning and sense of playfulness. We not only expect our children to become well educated. We care that they also become wise. We believe wisdom is not a condition that comes upon us suddenly in our later adult years, it grows up with us.


  • To inspire the next generation providing a learning environment with the best technologically advanced facilities, expert faculty and creative learning concepts.
  • To become a premier urban school of education recognised for its diversity and known for excellence in teaching, learning and research.


  • We are on a mission to spread conceptual learning by developing a curriculum focusing on self learning and more hands on practical approach to various educational concepts.
  • Our teaching methodologies would focus on opening the minds of our students in a creative manner thereby developing their intelligence, physical capabilities, life skills and universal human values.

Educational facilities

  • Well Qualified Teachers
  • Smart Board Teaching
  • Computer Lab
  • Science Laboratory
  • Library
  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art & Craft
  • Sports & Games


  • Designed as per the “National Building Code” of India.
  • Ventilation on both sides of Classroom
  • Standard size of Classroom as specified in NBC
  • Outside opening of doors to escape havoc in classroom as per NBC
  • CC Camera surveillance
  • Safety Grills on all sides of building
Campus details

  • Play Ground
  • Shuttle Badminton court
  • Kho-Kho
  • Cricket
  • Basket ball
  • Rainbow ladder
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Slides
  • Sand Pit
  • Out door games
Hyderabad-48, TS, India. Phene No: 9849453977
Address: H.No.2-4-68/A/1, Pillar No.179, PVNR Express way, Beside ICBM (MBA) College, Upperpally, Rajendra nagar,
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